an aid for those who learn any new language

and need to quickly, effectively and reliably memorize many new words.


Download version 1.7.0.

Basic function:

- the program runs in the system tray and you can work on your computer as usual

- at regular intervals a Popup window appears somewhere on the screen, showing one word from your Word list

- you can grade your knowledge of this word by clicking on one of six buttons F to A

(if you have no idea what the word means click F, if you know the word perfectly click A, if you are not sure grade somewhere between; your grading policy is not crucial provided it is consistent)

- then an 'answer' i.e. translation appears below the question

- you can grade the same grade again or correct the previous grade in case you were mistaken

- the Popup window then disappears and you can continue your work

- after Wait time another word appears in the Popup window and you can grade again


Other features:

- you can ignore grading anytime

- the appearance frequency of a particular word is inversely proportional to its grade; this relation can be either amplified or weakened by << Review Advance >> bar in the Settings window

(leftmost side (Review) means that grades are completely ignored and the probabilities of all words are equal; on the rightmost side (Advance) words with worst grades are more emphasized)

- there is no predefined Word list; it is created by adding word by word after a school lesson or during reading a foreign book etc.; each word then has its context and is well anchored in the students memory


- new words are added by the function Add word (right click tray icon) or in any plain text editor. (The WordsDef.txt file in the program package is just an example.)

- knowledge of the words is tested in both directions but the left column of the list should be used for language you are learning (the right one for your native language); there is a WWW button in the Popup window which can link directly to an online dictionary with pronunciation ability and the left column expression is used as the parameter for this link

- there are three Presets which simplify setting up of the program
a) EXAM - for initiative learning new words after a new lesson at school. This mode can also be used for quick instilling of many words before an exam. The Wait time is minimal andhistogram of grades appears next to the Setting window showing your progress.

b) WORK - in this mode words are shown at longer intervals as described above.

c) TV - this mode is similar to the previous one, except the popup window is compact as it is not needed to grade the words being shown and it always appears in the same position.

- the program can be run from any directory without any installation process on a particular machine. You can run it from the same folder in your flash disk or MP3 player at work, at home or at school with the same working Word list

- the basic parameters of the program can be customized in the Settings window and other parameters by customizing the VI.INI file (see Parameters.rtf).

You can access your word list from any place easily if you use the Dropbox service.



Last update 23.5.2012


Vocabulary Instiller

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